It`s All Right Here!

Christina Striewski Vanillapearl mit schwarzem Lackrock und schwarzem Lacktop in Hintan Indonesien

Spread your arms and catch your wishes like shooting stars

I`m beating up the place with my vacuum like a mad woman , not a crumb is safe from me. I`ll get you all!!!

I feel just as enlightened as the vacuum cleaner. The only difference is that it is more effcient.

What is the universe trying to tell me?

  1. Clean harder?
  2. Put in even more work?
  3. Pull the freaking plug?

I settled for 3. Finally, peace and quiet. Wonderful. OMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

What are we chasing? Why are we cramming more and more into our day instead of listening to our inner voice? It is talking to us at any second.  There is a solution for everything.  Everything makes sense. I usually feel uneasy because I‘ m not modest, I just have so many damn wishes.

However, if you have many, many more can come true! And look here, miracles happen. Just an inch away from us. We tend to overcomplicate things.

In my frenzy, I was convinced I had to take way better food photos despite my limited knowledge in this field. At first, I let go of that idea, I can`t manage anyway. And I don`t have the quipment. And what happened? My daughter offered me her professional camera and my husband gave me 2 lenses. Ready, set, go! This wish fulfilled itself. I didnt have to keep saving up every penny in order to then go on to take some classes. I just did it and I`m really, really content.

A shooting star fell right int my hands.

I`m sure you have had this experience several times before. It happens over and over. We just have to be very exact about what we wish for.  We have to know what we want. And strange things will start to happen. Just watch! And most of all: Don`t vacuum too much!!!!

With laughter, joy, faith, love and tons of trust, lots of shooting stars will keep falling into our laps.

And with a bit of glamour, we will shine just like shooting stars so we can fulfill other people`s wishes. This will make us even more happy.

Stay unique and shine!

Yours truly,


  • RM says:

    So true. The shooting stars are out there. The trick is to keep your eyes open, to see and recognise opportunity when it comes your way.