How to Make the Impossible Possible!

Christina mit schwarzer Lederhose von Arcanum
Christina Striewski Vanillapearl mit schwarzer Lederhose von Arcanum in Poren Kroatien


Of the luxury to do crazy things

My face has frozen. Am I high as a kite on LSD or why can`t I get the corners of my mouth to smile`?

With a loud bang, I smack my face. Slowly, blood starts running through my veins and my face gets all distorted. How ugly.

Wake up! I think.

Laugh, even if it`s pouring cats and dogs all day through.

Laugh, even if you have maxed out your credit card.

Laugh, even if you can`t really change your face considerably.

The corners of my mouth were frozen because it had been cold for weeks, my cold just didn`t want to subside and business was dragging on like  a chewing gum.

My records of 3! years ago were the icing on my lousy mood. They were the exact same ones of today. Nothing had changed. Things were just as boring as they were 3 years ago.

Conclusion: I`m boring.

Enough was enough. Where were my totally wicked ideas? I was as a adapted as a chameleon. My skin was becoming greener by the second. I felt like a hybrid between a chameleon and a frog. Also, I wasn`t saved by a kiss to morph me. I had to become active.

The only problem about it was that I couldn`t think of anything. What was I supposed to change? Myself?

YES, an inner voice said.

I let go and my imagination started running wild.

Pink, shiny, fragrant, turquise, crazy, light, sexy, unique, yummy and funny. THIS is what I wanted my world to be like.

I started creating my own world. With bright colors in the apartment, shiny clothes and unbelievably yummy food. Hence, I felt much better already.

It was time for the next step.

„Reach for the stars!“

Start creating your own world by putting your desires in exact words.

Don`t word what you don`t want to. State loudly and cleary what you wish for!

Then write it down. Don`t be too modest!

Wish for a lot, be precise.

Wish for it every day!

Believe in miracles!

Believe in yourself!

If you do so every day, something will happen.

Walk a small step every day.

Our very own world will taste like sweet fizzy candy. Boredom is yesterday`s news.Which step have you walked already today?

Yours truly


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Christina with black vinyl pants in Porec Croatia


  • Dante says:

    Hi Christina, my name is Amal Dante, Im a guy whose fetish is shiny clothes too, like vinyl, latex etc. Im writing from Bosnia where shiny fetish is huge taboo and looks wierd here especialy on a guy. I wear vinyl from time to time. But from now on I have bigger plans, I just have read your blog and i find it as inspiration, motivation, support, and more self confidence and all this thanks to you, thanks to a lady who supports shiny fashion guys. Im not a gay as ppl think around me when I wear vinyl or latex. Its just my fetish. I would like to be my own “shiny” designer and to bring my creations to life just like you. I hope you will respond to this.

    • Hi Amal Danke,
      Thank you very much for this wonderful comment. I am very happy that you like shiny clothes and I am very proud of you that you wear them even it is very difficult to wear them in Bosnia. I wish you good luck and perhaps you will be your own designer in some time.
      Best greetings,