How to Get Rid of Naggers

Christina in Bintan
Christina Striewski Vanillapearl in Bintan Indonesia

My carotid is pumping like a lid on a pot of boiling water. I`m about to freaking explode.

My phone almost slips out of my hand and I catch myself giving in, again. I hear my inner voice ringing far way.


„Yes, Luisa, you`re right.“ I say yes only to stop her from running off at the mouth. Sounds familiar?

An alleged good friend, always making accusations. You feel uneasy and guilty around her and don`t know why. Her talks revolve around herself 100%. And there`s always some real drama happening to her. She doesn`t ask you any questions. She sucks your energy like a high voltage power line.


I don`t want to deal with people like that any more. I want to be able to breathe and direct my energy towards the future. Flowers also turn towards the sun.

I wondered how to get rich of such people? Those energy suckers stick like glue, because they are dependent on other people`s energy. I made a plan and simply vanished. I just wasn`t available anymore. I simply didn`t have time any more. I cancelled every date. I was very brief on the phone.

Then came the drama…major drama…First off, she was offended, then mad, then aggressive. Hate mails followed. I didn`t answer, even though it wasn`t easy for me. The thing that happened next was unique!

Suddenly, there was peace. No more accusations, no more bickering, no more blase blase…


Suddenly, I found myself having so much more time. Time for me. Time for positive people.

I felt wonderful.

I got creative again.

I was capable of creating something new.

What`s the bottom line?

Eradicate sourpusses! NOW!

The world is not theirs.

The world belongs to people who laugh and spread joy, even when they have problems of their own.

Let`s make the world a shiny place.

Let`s  spread joy. Let`s bring new things into the world. Let`s be optimistic and face the future with joy.

Be unique and shine!

Yours Christina

Christina in Singapore

Christina in Bintan

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  • Beor says:

    Really like the skirt and top. My wife loves pvc stuff and really pulls it off. Very similar physically to you. What I have noticed is that when she wears shiny clothes lots of other women come up and compliment her. Why won’t they wear shiny clothes themselves? I really don’t get it.

    • Thank you very much for your comment. I think many people need a little bit more of self-confidence. They need idols like your wife who shows the fashion trend. I hope that it will be better everyday, but I think this style direction is unstoppable. Have a nice sunday,