How to Get Maximum Results with Minimal Effort

Christina in Bol Croatia
Christina Striewski Vanillapearl with grey vinyl pants from Arcanum in Bol Croatia

Vanillas 7 day rule will make you dreams come true!

Whats`s your definition of time?

How long do 5 minutes feel to you?

How long does a minute?

How long does half an hour?

I close my eyes and slowly turn around in a circle. I`m waiting for an epiphany. For inspiration. The minutes go by. I`m only getting dizzy. I can`t think of anything.

Is time going by slowly now or fast?

On the one hand, it`s racing by. On the other hand, it sometimes stands still.

Aren`t we all turning around in circles?

Humans are creatures of habit. We love habits. They give us comfort and safety. Even at the hotel you always sit on the same chair.

I stop spinning with my eyes closed. Everything is spinning around me.

Where `s my epiphany?

As it somehow can`t seem to appear, I wonder what my desires and goals are. I would like to learn a new language, but I don`t have the time. How about practising 20 minutes every day? That won`t do any good, I think.

That`s wrong!

If we work on a task for 20 minutes every day, we can get fantastic results after a while.

It`s worth a try!

I started in January of 2018.

Now, in July, I have done more than 60 lessons on Babble, my favorite language class. I`m super happy! My goal is to be able to speak in simple sentences by January 2019.

What`s the effort? What`s the expense?

The effort is minmal.

How much time do we waste on unimportant things or boring people? Let`s just take away a few minutes from these habits and transform them into a meaningful task. After 3 weeks already you will have adjusted so well to the new task that you won`t want to miss it!

Start a new task today!

Dedicate a little time to it every day. By doing so every day, you keep up. You won`t lose track. It`s much more effective than working on it for 3 hours once a day.

Sow a seed for your success every day!

Be successful and shine!

Yours truly


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Christina with grey vinyl leggings from Arcanum

Christina with grey vinyl pants from Arcanum

Christina with grey vinyl pants from Arcanum

Christina with grey vinyl pants from Arcanum