How to combine contradictions in your style

Christina in Poren Croatia with blue vinyl pants
Blue vinyl pants made by Christina Striewski Vanillapearl for Arcanum

Spectacular and yet cool – the creation of a new style

Back in the days, contradictions ate me up inside. Nowadays, they inspire me. I have learned to build bridges between those contradictions.

It has taken a long time. But I have never stopped believing in success. At some point it worked. It seems like a miracle to me. No, it is a miracle. Because miracles do happen.

I`m sure miracles have happened to you aswell.

Someone who lent you money when you needed it. A phonecall with good news you never would have expected. Someone who took your breath away. A flower so beautiful to make you cry. Music that touched your heart. These are all miracles. Let`s believe in miracles.

Combining contradictions is like a miracle. In theory, contradictions can`t be combined. Love and faith, however, allow them to miraculously melt together.

Back in the days, my desire to adapt and my drive for individuality made me go nuts.It tortured me because I was never able to live up to either side without something missing. I spoke to experienced people and they all told me the same thing:

Be creative! You must create someting new! You have to believe in yourelf! Dare to be yourself! Trust in your own abilities!“

Your loved ones will love you just the same even if you break character in some respects.

You can spice up your daily life with a few small tricks.

Write down how you see yourself. Write down how you dress and what your effect on your environment is. Write down the things you would like to change.

Would you like to appear more crazy, but don`t have the guts to do so?

Turn yourself into a brand!

Find your own unique style!


Stress your assets! You will perceive yourself much more intensely. You will be noted and inspire others. I had to cross many valleys before I got to where I am now. I was much too shy and anted top lease everyone. I thought my proclivity for an individual style was irrelevant and banal. Big mistake!!!

If you don`t pay enough attention to yourself, others won`t either. Is this what we want???

We all carry responsibility for ourselves. There is something hidden lying dormant in each and everyone of us.

Discover yourself!

Which contradictions are slumbering inside of you? We always try to represent something. By our clothes, our job, our hobbies. Is there something inside you that doesn`t really fit in with all that? Do you feel something tingling inside you now? Do you want to appear more crazy? Are you craving for more attention? Do you want to be adored? Anything is possible if you want it!

The daily rat race is dangerous. Changing habits is hard. But life`s too short not to enjoy it every day and to shape it in an exciting way. As we already know, details bring joy and happiness.

We need moments of happiness, of joy. Every day! We need purpose and goals at any age.

Be creative!

Discovering contradictions is fun and exciting. Make an effort, put on some crazy pants and a tough blazer to go with and off into the public eye! You win if you show yourself! You win if you help others show themselves.

If you combine contradictions within yourself, something new will come about inside of you!

We don`t have to let it all hang out and become this pierced punk. No, we don`t have to rebel.

A hint of chili will turn your veggie soup into a unique event. Why not mix soy sauce with some kardamom. Mix herbs, mis colors, mix fabrics. Experiment! Sky`s the limit! We determine ourselves. We are free. Play with your ideas and set your desires free. One by one. A little more each day.

The first time I came to a family event with vinyl pants, everyone was smiling happily. „Works!“, I thought to myself and by now everyone thinks it`s normal. Spice up your life! Rearrange the puzzle pieces of your life. A new picture will arise. You will transform.You create yourself and thus your surroundings. Your contradictions will melt into unity. A new dimension arises.


Yours truly,




– blue vinyl pants by Arcanum, will be in the shop in 1 week

– silver boots by Public Desire

– watch by GUESS

-blouse: no name

Blue vinyl pants made by Christina

Blue vinyl pants made by Christina

Christina in Porec Croatia