How the color gold makes your life shine!

Vinyl leggings made by Christina
Golden vinyl leggings made by Christina Striewski Vanillapearl

Let`s shine like gold bars and make our surroundings glow!

What do you associate with the color gold? Don`t we automatically see riches, a king`s crown and precious treasures?

The word gold is indogerman and means shiny and yellow. How befitting! Let`s drape in golden fabrics that shine and make our surroundings shine. Let`s become treasures and shine. You will feel like a treasure that just got discovered. The gold bar will be hidden in a safe. You can appear in public without being stolen right away. Or maybe not? But it`s worth taking the risk. It`s worth a try!

My husband is in New York right now getting 20m of golden vinyl. We will have golden vinyl leggings made from that. The perfect vinyl leggings for a golden performance!

Here I`m matching my golden vinyl leggings with the Arcanum shirt. Creo quia absurdum means I`m creating despite it being absurd. It doesn`t always have to make sense! The sense is often absent and hidden at first.

I have to create something new every day, otherwise I can`t breathe. Too many ideas are running around in my head. Vanillapearl is my valve.

Finally, all those crazy ideas get to see the light of day! I often don`t know where to start.

Today, It`s gold`s turn. It makes me cheer. Does it make you cheer, too?

Love, Christina

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Vinyl leggings gold: prototype for Arcanum made by Christina
Shirt: Creo Gold by Arcanum
Shoes: ALDO, USA



Vinyl leggings made by Christina

vinyl leggings made by Christina

vinyl leggings made by Christina