Hey guys, show yourselves!!!

Glänzende Mode für Männer
Black vinyl pants for women and men made by Arcanum Fashion

An hommage to shiny men

I’ve been designing and marketing shiny clothes also for men, but I had never in my wildest dreams imagined it would blow up like that. 
My blog is bursting with comments by men that are over the moon. I’m super happy about it and I’d like to take the time out to officially thank you. A lot has happened in those 8 years. Many were hesitant at first, but meanwhile, shiny fashion for metro men has arrived in mainstream fashion. You encouraged each other on my blog. Some didn’t have the guts to wear it at first, and some couldn’t really, get their women to approve glamor. Luckily, the attitude towards glamor has changed for the positive. My mission makes a mark. 

Why shouldn’t men shine just like women?

Why should they hide in 2020?

So my dear guys, it’s not the end of the road yet! I want you to shine some more! I want you to shine more often. And I want you to shine anywhere, not just at 3am out there in the woods.
Thank you for being there. I’m looking forward to designing shiny items over and over that can be worn  by men aswell as women. 
As I also consider myself an ambassador of promoting fun in this world, I will keep on preaching. Shine as much as possible. Double your glamor and your pleasure will double on its own. Are you in? I’m looking forward to you! 

Yours truly, 


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-Black pants made by Christina for Arcanum

Shiny pants for women and and men from Arcanum Fashion
  • Johan kokkedee says:

    I like from all the leggings I like from Black red gold donker bleu an light bleu silver leggings

  • Roff Smith says:

    Great post! As a guy I always secretly fancied a pair of shiny black trousers for no other reason than that I liked the urban-chic, boho rock-festival style and wished it were open to men to be more playful and theatrical in fashion. And what fun it was when I finally took the leap and bought a pair, and tried them on! And guess what? The earth didn’t crash. And I had fun. I’ve developed my own colourful style – shiny black trousers, a collection of pastel-coloured Converse sneakers to wear with them and a loose soft-fabric top as a counterpoint to the sleek shininess of the trousers. I love wearing it. And although I don’t style it nearly as you do, I flatter myself that I don’t look half bad. Certainly feel very positive and creative. I really like the way your present shiny fashions – as something fun, playful, self-expressive and accessible. Life’s short. Have fun. And shine! Thanks again for the great post. I look forward to more!

  • Steven says:

    I wear pvc

  • Torq says:

    Love this article! I have a couple of vinyl t-shirts that I love wearing but it can be rather scary!

  • Roff Smith says:

    Well! Emboldened by your wonderful words and your chic, often playful, images of shiny fashion I took the big step today of venturing out in public in my pair of shiny black vinyl trousers. I’ve been wearing them around my home office for months now but without ever daring to step outside – but today, I did. I went out shopping with my wife, stopping off at a cafe afterwards, waring my shiny trousers, a dark blue jumper and a pair of pastel-coloured Converse hi-tops – and the delightful thing was, once out the door I didn’t feel the least bit self conscious. I simply enjoyed the novelty of self-expression through fashion – something guys don’t usually dare to do – and what fun it was. And guess what? The earth kept spinning, the sky didn’t fall in. Nobody really seemed to notice or care – I was free to shine to my hearts content and enjoy the creative fun of fashion. I love it! There is no way I’m going back into my little box now! I’ll be getting out and about in my shiny black trousers as a regular thing from here on in. I will shine as much as possible – life’s too short not to! Thank you so much for the inspiration!

  • Camillus says:

    I live in Poland and it is not a very friendly country for people who dare to adopt this style. I wear leather pants regularly and at first I saw stupid looks on the street, but rather out of envy. Lately I’ve been gathering to buy vinyl pants. I am asking for any help I could buy.
    Your blog is wonderful and it has certainly changed many lives. It’s a beautiful idea !!!

    • Hi Camillus,
      Oh I did not know that it is quite difficult to wear shiny outfits in Poland. But nothing should stop you. The future is on our side, I am sure that it will be better and better. Take a look at our shop Arcanum Fashion. We have 50% OFF.
      I wish you all the best , stay shiny,

  • Camillus says:

    This blog is amazing, I like to reading everything. Every sentence inspire me!

  • Pablo says:

    I would love to wear tem. Just bought one from asos . I wish you were here to take some pics together for your IG account