Have you Found Your Personal Freedom Yet?

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How to become yourself with 3 small steps.
How to find your personal freedom

Who are you? How do you feel when you open your eyes in the morning? Do you enjoy being alone? What do you grab hold of when you open up your closet? Do you moan because again you can`t find anything or are you happy because your favorite dress slips into your hands? How did you develop your personal taste? What shaped your? Are you individual or do you search for your style in the latest magazines?

Look at yourself now. What are you wearing? Do you wear the same style every day? What is special about you? Take a deep breath! Do you feel free? Can you breathe deeply? Are you designing your life the way you want to or the way other others want it? Do you have desires? Or is there something heavy on your chest? You can feel it when you inhale. It`s something dull. You have long gotten used to this feeling.

What is it we are afraid of? We live in a modern world and can define ourselves.

It took me years to realize it. I only managed to do so when my kids were grown. I did start sewing my own clothes when I was 13 and was wearing them to school. However, this changed when I started working. Despite working in the fashion industry.  Everything was new. The surroundings, the employees and I was new to the workplace. I dressed inconspicuously and wanted to adapt. Then this weird feeling started. Something was squeezing my chest. Breathing was hard. I tried to wash down this weird feeling with an Aspirin every morning. My stomach turned after 3 weeks. I couldn`t go on like this any more. And I didn`t understand why I was feeling worse and worse. Only when I was about to develop an ulcer I realized it was me. Trying to adapt to my surroundings more and more I lost any relation with myself. It suddenly got interesting. Who was I? Who was I trying to be? Who was I after all? Who was I trying to be? What message were my clothes sending? How did my outer appearence appeal to others?

This unpleasant experience became a key moment that I think about almost every day. When I was doing really badly, I realized I couldn`t possibly go on like that. I left the company and a new consciousness arose.

Since then, I have constantly been wondering whether I am happy with myself and my current situation. Ad if not, what can I change?

Only since then something new arose in me.The desire to be individual. I was bursting with ideas. There was no stopping me and was creating new shiny clothes almost daily. And by and by, I dared to wear them in public. Now I can breathe. Now I am free. Now I am myself.

At which point are you in your life? If you are right where you want to be, no need to read on. I congratulate you and say, please go on like that and encourage your surroundings . If you have not quite arrived, then start now. Start with baby steps today.

Write down what you want to be like. I am not talking about earth shattering steps. You don`t have to move to Australia to find yourself. Often, tiny baby steps are enough to get you where you want to be.

  • Write down your desires. Write down your goals. Write down what you don`t like and turn it into desires. If you write „I can`t stand my neighor“, then write „I want my neighbor to appreciate me“ next to it. Desires can come true. When I think negatively, I devote my energy to it. So force yourself to rephrase your thoughts, then there will be no stopping you!
  • Start dressing even better today. Imagine you`re a superstar. What will he wear when he leaves the house? Do it just the same, you`re unique!Show it! Show yourself! Start with details.
  • Become brave! Jump and be just the way you want to be! Don`t yourself to do what others expect of you. People want you to be authentic. Dare to be special in some ways. We are almost always friendly and that`s good. But when we disagree, we have to show it.

Take time out for yourself before time controls you.


Shape your daily life, before it shapes you. Set yourself apart from the crowd and be unique, especially because you consider yourself worth it. You carry the responsibility for yourself and how you shape your life.

Start writing. Daily works best. Write down your desires and what you would like to change. Breathe deeply over and over and listen to your inner voice. Cross the word „prissy“ from your vocabulary. Write down small successes. Start with striking or shiny details that you wear when you go out and write it down the next day. Because it`s a success. And many small successes will become a milestone on your path of life. Start to shine a bit more than usually. Your surroundings will feel it immmediately. Spread good spirits! Dress like a star! Become brave, Step out of your own shadow. Don`t give a rat`s ass about the opinion or comments of others. What can possibly happen? Practise baby steps. Walk in the garden or park in your slamming outfit. At first while it`s still dark, then at the crack of dawn and at some point in the afternoon. Meawhile, I eat my breakfast in vinyl. I just love it, it`s just so much fun. I don`t like jogging suits. That`s not my mission. And a little glamour will make the greyest day bright.

I`m looking forward to your feedback. Write me about your experiences and your inspirations.

Change clothes now and become a brilliant butterfly. You will feel that stone on your chest dissolve by and by.


Yours truly,


black vinyl skirt from Arcanum

Black vinyl skirt from Arcanum

Silver vinyl dress made by Christina

Silver vinyl dress made by Christina