Have you felt joy today?

Christina in Marrakesh
Christina Striewski Vanillapearl with black vinyl pants from Arcanum in Marrakesh

How a bowl has
changed my life.

I haven`t quite
often compared myself to a bowl. Honestly, I don`t recall how it got to that.

I think it was that bowl from Andalusia that
my daughter gave to me. This bowl is gorgeous, colorful, shiny and puts you in
a great mood. It seems like something sacred to me.

„This bowl must only be filled with the most
wonderful things!“,  I thought to myself.

Suddenly, a thought crossed my mind:

What would this bowl be filled with if I was
the bowl?

Happiness, gratitude, joy and love?

Or worries, fear, envy and pain?

Probably a mixture of all of the above. I
didn`t want that any more.

I pretended to be as precious as that bowl.
Maybe not as beautiful, but indeed pretty decent. It would definitely come into its own a bit more with the right kind of content.

I did an exercise by watching myself. All through
the day and at night, when I woke up sometimes.

What am I thinking`

What is the content I chose to fill myself

It makes a difference whether I worry
constantly or whether I actively tackle a problem.

Problem solving is like cooking. The
ingredients are my thoughts, the dish is the result.

The thoughts that are constantly revolving
around a problem and that lead to nothing but frustration should be thrown out onto
the pile of compost like foul fruit.

And look at here,

there is room for joy, gratitude and confidence.

This switch is not an easy deal. As our
subconscious is always out to trick us, we need to bring on the finesse.

Little strokes fell big oaks.

Bit by bit, we `re cleaning up.

Every unnecessary crumb is removed.

This method helps to fight worry lines. They
smooth out fast.

Start by imagining what you would look like
if you were a bowl.

Small, large, narrow, wide, heavy, light,
colorful, plain-colored, and so on…

Now start filling it with golden coins, ripe
apples and diamonds, with fragrant rose oil, …anything you can think of.

How does it feel?

You`re bursting with joy, you`re radiant, you`re
glowing and you`re making others happy.

Start filling yourself up with happiness and
throwing the rotten fruit on the compost.

You will see that you`re a treasure!!! There
has never been a treasure like this.

Are you from Andalusia, too?

Be unique and shine!

Yours truly,


  • RMS says:

    What an uplifting philosophy. But how easy it is to fill your bowl with junk, stuff you tell yourself will be there only temporarily except you never get rid of it. One needs to be reminded, as you so nicely have in your post just now, of the importance of filling ones bowl only with good things, things that matter.

    Thank you

    • Thank you very much for this wonderful comment. It makes me very happy that you write that it is an uplifting philosophy. I wish you a happy week with wonderful thoughts in your bowl.

      • RMS says:

        I really liked your bowl analogy very much. It is clever, visual and thought provoking. And yes, I have been filling my bowl this week with wonderful thoughts and creativity. I hope yours is piled high with great things as well.