Glamour Power Fireworks – 3 ways to an explosive style

Christina in Porec, Croatia
Christina Striewski Vanillapearl in Croatia with black vinyl pants from Arcanum Fashion

Find your glamour and powerstyle with a smile!

Don`t these vibrant sunsets magically attract us?

Fiery red –pink-yellow-purple. The explosion of colors can`t be slowed down. The sun disappears in a dramatic enactment.

We love this spectacle.

We dive into this play.

These moments are magic.

We feel the miracle of nature.

We feel mysticism, joy and astonishment at the same time.

If we just live a small part of this spectacle ourselves and stage ourselves, we will feel that  magic tingle.

Colors in combination with the jetblack of the night. Glamour combined with sophisticated matte. A smile on your lips mixed with self-confidence makes for a glamorous appearance.

You can experience glamour in many small moments.

You call for glamour with a strong performance with extravagant details. You cause glamour by staging yourself..

Radiate superiority. If you dress in an edgy way, you glow even more, providing you stand by yourself. We can do anything.

When I was younger, my glamorous appearances usually came with a few obstacles. I had to learn to overdo just one detail, not several at the same time.
If you are wearing a short skirt, go easy on the cleavage! If you stress the lips, wear a more subdued eye make-up.

It`s a ll about the right mix!

As I used to overdo it a  lot, I did get weird stares sometimes or had people laugh at me. And I thought that the ultrashort miniskirt went so well with the laced nylons and the low cleavage. Well, I had to learn the hard way.


I do preach all the time that there are no rules or that we set the rules. However, it is to your advantage to learn how to write first and then to write poetry and not the other way round.

After my job training, I was a different person than I am now. It`s  like learning how to play an instrument. With practise you improve a bit every day and develop your own style.

We are worth working on a few minutes every day. It`s  even fun to develop bit by bit. My mom still polishes her style at the age of 82 and constantly wows us.

No risk, no fun!

Be edgy. Play with small exagerrations.

Overknees, in style right now, are the perfect toy for a bit of overstatement.

Pick your own detail, the icing on your style.

Look for role models that represent what you like.

Adopt details you like. This is how you create your own personal glamour style.

Now your power will come into play.

Show who you are by appearing full of tingling energy. Be sparkling like champagne! Torch others with your brilliant presence!

Again, start with details. Crack jokes, tell funny stories.

Talk about yourself!

People will love to find out more about you.

Try it the next chance you get and tell me about your experiences.

You will become an explosive mix!

When others think about old age pension, we are just getting started! We take another step every day towards the sparkling   sunset.

And we take it up another notch by lighting up fireworks in this heavenly play!
We are the rockets! We have the power and enery to transform small events into an unforgettable event with our firy passion.

It`s these moments we will forever remember with joy.

Light up the fuze and get off to a flying start!

You make the world shine!

Yours truly



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Christina in Croatia

Christina in Croatia

Christina in Croatia