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Christina in the forest
Black vinyl pants made by Christina Striewski Vanillapearl for Arcanum


4 steps how to transform a bad mood into moments of happiness

When was the last time you were bored?

Why were you bored?

What do you do to fight boredom?

I admit I was bored the last couple of days. My workload was growing by the hour, but I just couldn`t get myself to pull through. I was sick and limp. The weather was cold and lousy. The raindrops were forming lines in the sky. My mood felt like a big load of mud. I felt uninspired. A dilemma. Where are the new creations? Where are fresh new products? Nothing came out of me. I felt like a lemon that had been squeezed to the very last drop. I had lost my creativity. Most likely forever. Feeling heavy as lead, I laid down on the sofa.

Instead of enjoying it and getting my proper rest, I got more and more nervous. There was not a single idea brightening up my mind. So I succumbed to my ininspired selfpity and then something unexpected happened:

Suddenly, I had an epiphany. There it was, my brainwave.

I will book a trip!

I checked my account, of course, it was empty. Okay, so I won`t book a vacation, I`ll book 2 or 3 nights somewhere. That should work. And it would be best to chose a top photo location. I caught myself smiling. My husband booked without blinking once and from that moment on, I was on cloud nine. This is how I turned my pre winter depression into a never ending moment of happiness that won`t fade.

Do crazy things when you are feeling bad. Plan trips, meetings, cook or buy a cool outfit. Get out of the house.

Here are the 4 steps that will help you turn grey moments into shiny highlights:

  • Find out what makes you happy when you are in a bad mood. Write it down when you are in high spirits and keep this note.
  • Try to save up a few bucks for these kind of emergencies. Always plan some money for madness. It will save you.
  • Practise over and over. As soon as you realize that something makes you angry or sad, focus on your list of happy moments. You will find this traing very effective If you use your provisions for moments of happiness, it will have a big effect when you are really down one day. Practise over and over again. You focus will change. The desire for happiness will be greater than the frustrations trying to grab hold of you.
  • BE BRAVE! Dare to do crazy things even when you don`t feel well. Hit the button and BOOK! Now!

With the help of these provisions you will learn to pull yourself out of dreadful moments.

Let`s transform depression into joy.

Practise eevry day! As soon as you catch yourself getting mad about something, be disciplined and focus on your list of happy moments.

Your happy list is more important than your stupid neighbor.

That`s why it deserves more attention!

If your day sucks, put on your hottest outfit and leave! Now!

At best with your sweetheart, a good friend or your mother. Maybe they have the same desire.

Be exciting, stay exciting and make dark moments dazzling.


Yours truly



Vinyl pants by  Arcanumfashion

Fake leather jacket made by Christina Striewski, Vanillapearl, prototype

Silver boots by Public Desire

Sunglasses by RayBan

Christina in the forest

Christina in the forest

Christina in the forest

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