Enchant your surroundings with splendor!

Christina in vinylpants and off shoulder blouse
Lackhose made by Christina Striewski Vanillapearl for Arcanum

Your splendor makes other people shine!

A shiny pair of vinyl pants with a see-through blouse, tone on tone!

You know this moment when your boyfriend gazes at you and a smile brightens up his face.

For these moments alone it`s worth shining! Glamour means light. Glamour reflects moods and light.

Splendor is sexy!

When I was a little girl, I used to love shining my daddy`s shoes. It was a sheer delight for me to polish the matte leather shoes to a shiny black. I was proud as a peacock. I felt like a magician who transforms plain shoes into sophisticated, expensive king`s shoes.


This experience haunts me until today. A noble ring with a shiny gem makes you brilliant.

A shiny coat of lipstick makes your lips sexy, and the shiny ocean drowns us in dreams.


What could be more amazing than to make dreary everyday life shiny? Shiny nail polish alone will put you in a good mood! By now, I am crazy about shiny moments and I try to bring this splendor and glamour to my surroundings with small details.

A single smile on the face of one person is worth it! Try it! You make others happy by shining. Your rays of sunlight kiss the souls of your fellow people.

For this style, I match a partly see through, strapless blouse which shines aas wellwith a short jacket, which almost reminds me of a uniform with its array of buttons. The short, tapered cut stresses your curves and gives the blouse room to peep out. I had bought the jacket somewhere on the internet and rediscovered it just now.

Well, where can you wear this look? I say, except for the office, you can try it anywhere. Maybe it`s just like the first drink of the day – starting at sunset and the sun always goes down somewhere.

Let`s be shiny, not just on the outside!

Much love!

Yours truly, Christina

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Vinyl pants Supershine! by my very own label Arcanum
Blouse. Rick Cardona – New York by Heine
Jacket: Singleton
Ankle Boots: ALDO Shoes from the US (you may find similars here.)

Vinyl pants made by Christina

Vinyl pants made by Christina for Arcanum

vinyl pants made by Christina Striewski Vanillapearl for Arcanum

Vinyl pants made by Christina Vanillapearl for Arcanum



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    bonjour tout plaisir grand honneur tout avenir grand plaisir je conu bien la culture meci baoucoup a toi saluts