Do You Trust Your Intuition?

Christina in Marrakesh
Christina Striewski Vanillapearl with black vinyl pants from Arcanum in Marrakesh Morocco

Do you trust your intuition?

Daring to do contradictory things.

Do you know what it feels like to have to call someone, but your hand just won`t dial the number?

It just won`t  work.

You had planned to. It would have been vital for your career. But it just won`t work. No way.

Why won`t it work. Your body is refusing. Why? Because you don`t want to! Your inner voice says NO!!!

Your intuition overrode your mind. I don`t quite understand it in this very moment. But haven`t we had such moments quite often that later turned into a blessing in disguise?

At the moment, my actions surprise me. They seem like an array of illogical tasks. Is that what you call goal-directed behavior? I`m afraid not. I do fashion, we do photoshoots, then again I start cooking like a maniac, learn a new language.  Does all of this match? Maybe yes, maybe no. Maybe I will never know. But the feeling is here. And it is strong, very strong. My joy is unstoppable. That`s me. My trust in intuition is big, very big.

Even when I was a child, I trusted my intuition. And looking back now, it rarely failed me. Of course, there were wrong decisions, but that`s part of the game. Otherwise we wouldn`t be where we are. However, intuition shows us the way, even if it often takes us a long time to grasp it. I`m sitting in front of my phone again. We have to invite friends who have repeatedly invited us and are waiting for us to finally launch a stunning event. I can`t make the call. My hands feel like lead. Oddly, digging in my nose works just fine, but dialing the number doesn`t . I postpone the call until the next day. The sitaution is esxactly the same again and all the following days aswell. I give up. And -shhh, don`t tell! It feels fantastic!

The alleged friends were so offended that they cancelled our friendship.


Those were not real friends, a real friendship can withstand more than a little summer breeze. A true friendship withstands a storm, come hell or high water.

And again, it is right, my dearest friend


Which examples come to your mind regarding this issue? When has your intuition ever saved you? I am looking forward to your comments here on my blog.

Thank you,

Be unique, stay unique!

Yours truly


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  • RMS says:

    I certainly trust my intuition. As a professional photographer I am often struck by a sense I get of whether to go or stay at a place, and how accurate those inner voices tend to be. I am a writers well and again, same thing. I use my intuition a lot in the course of my working life and while I wouldn’t say it was infallible, it has not often led me astray.

    There’s that other quirky sort of intuition too. When you’re trying to make up your mind about something just flip a coin. While it is up in the year you always deep-down know how you really want it to land – and so just go with that, no matter how the coin falls. It’s your intuition talking to you.

    • Thank you very much for this wise comment. Your words are so true. I can imagine that the intuition is especially for an photographer extremely important. You know how to react to your intuition even it is not easy. If you have an account in Instagram, please let me know.
      I wish you all the best.

      • RMS says:

        Indeed intuition is very important in my work! Alas, I have steered clear of Instagram -we photographers have mixed feelings about Instagram! – but my work is displayed on my website. Cheers

  • ouanes says:

    je remercie de toi tout plus magnifique plus connaissance tout invitation plaisir saluts