Are you “shineable”?

Christina in Teneriffa
Christina Striewski Vanillapearl with golden vinyl leggings from Arcanum in Teneriffe

Are you shiny yet or do you need to work on your self confidence?

Have you ever put yourself to the test? Have you ever passed a dare? Have you told someone some things they didn`t want to hear? You`re starting to pick your brain…what are these questions all about? You probably can`t think of much.  Your temper tantrum 12 years ago has lapsed, no one remenbers it.

Is our life boring?

Who creates something new every day after all?

Who strikes someone with their voice?

Who climbs high mountains?

There are relatively few, we have to admit. Why? Because the air gets quite thin up there.

We have to leave our comfort zone. Oh no, we could stumble. Let the others climb, after all, the won`t change the mountain by doing so anyway. The mountain doesnt`t give a damn about all that climbing.

Ok, so better to watch Lindenstraße (famous German soap). But even that doesn`t exist any more!

What can we possibly do to finally get a bit of tingle? Juuuuust a little bit, it doesn`t have to get risky.

I`m asking you now, are you shinable?

You wouldn`t be here on my blog if you weren`t into glamor. And I can guarantee you, it`s NOT dangerous to shine!!!

On the opposite! It`s even healthy! And why? Because you will feel so damn good, self confident and independent from the masses that your whole body will be pulsating like Popeye`s after his third round of spinach!

We`re starting the test now. If you can answer 3 of the 4 questions with a yes, then you`re really shinable! Then it`s welcome to the club…

Question 1: Do you enjoy sticking out from the crowd and shining like a star?

Question 2: Do you enjoy making others happy?

Queston 3: Do you stand by you yourself and your behavior?

Question 4: Are you in search of extravagant situations that give you a buzz?

Congrats! I can congratulate you already and tell you that you`re a glamor person, as you have answered all questions 99,9% with a yes. Otherwise, you wouldn`t be here.

So let`s get started! Spring is finally in sight, the perfect time for glamor has begun. When if now NOW!!!

I`m looking forward to you.

Stay unique and shine,

Yours truly,


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  • RMS says:

    Indeed. It is the season to shine. Emboldened by your upbeat messages and sense of style I have joined the shiny brigade, become ‘shineable’ as you put it, and wear my shiny vinyl jeans each day around my office here at home – and I’m loving it! It’s a great inner boost to feel so liberated and self expressive. Bought myself some colourful Converse trainers to go with them – I envy you the heels, as visually they go really well with the shiny trousers, but alas that’s not a look that is open to guys and so I go with what I can, and go colourful.

    • Thank you very much for your wonderful comment. It`s amazing that you love to wear your shiny pants with such a good feeling. This is a big motivation for all the guys who love to wear this fantastic style. I wish you a wonderful shiny week with a lot of new colorful ideas.

      • RMS says:

        Indeed! Having tried shiny I would never give it up. I have nice colourful Converse shoes – six different colours! – and colourful tops and my sent trousers. I probably look like a Liquorice Allsort, but a very happy one – feeling confident and creative as I go about my work. You’re quite right, it is a fantastic style and ought to be embraced by more guys – and women too. You are a wonderful ambassador for it, always upbeat and seeing the shiny side! Thanks for your great posts.

  • RMS says:

    Sorry – the autocorrect on my computer wrote ‘sent trousers’ in my comment above; obviously it should be ‘shiny trousers’! I didn’t notice until I posted!

  • Black Stallion says:

    I have found some black pvc leggings, and spray on pants, that I have started wearing. I have gotten compliments on them, mostly coming from females, and I sometimes wonder if the compliments are underhanded comments, actual genuine comments, or some unwelcome gesture.
    I should mention I’ma guy, in the United States, who has his own fashion sense, and I don’t mind betting my own individual.

    • Thank you very much for your comment. You are really on the right way. I think it´s amazing if you have your own individual fashion style. It´s a statement and shows your self-confidence and positiveness.
      Keep on being shiny,