Are You Rocking Life or is it Rocking You?

Christina Striewski Vanillapearl mit neuem Herbststyle von Modafein

How to ride your wave of life in 3 steps

Imagine a blank canvas in front of you.

It`s pure and white. You are supposed to draw a picture. No matter real or abstract. You tell me I can`t draw. The canvas stays empty. It`s silent. Nothing happens. You feel as if in an empty room. You`re empty. You can`t think of anything. Despite that, you start drawing a few lines. Loot at that! Here we go! You`re suddenly painting flowers, a magnifcent landscape with magical colors. Who said you can`t draw? Of course it`s not Picasso, but its a wonderful, cheerful picture. It`s alive.

We all have a problem. We dont have faith in ourselves. He aim too low. We look at the stars and think they`re beyond reach.

Thats not true. You`re beyond reach! You can be! No one can copy you. Don`t just take another step. Take 3!

Get up on that stage and say: Here I am!!! And here`s my idea! Say what you want!!! Take the offensive!

You`re holding the brush! The canvas is your audience. It`s your life. It doesn`t know what you want to paint.

The spark inside of you is glowing. The first brush stroke ignites it. Let`s go!

For 20 years, I had a studio for clothes made to measure. I was content, at ease and my own boss.

But at some point, my feet were falling asleep. There was no direction. No development. I grew boring. I couldn`t think of alternatives.

I didn`t have the guts to try bigger projects. I got even more dull. Yet suddenly, I felt it inside of me, that small flame. A voice said to me:

What`s your vision? I couldn`t think of anything. There was a hand on my shoulder. It pushed me a forward …Go on! The voice said. But where to?

After a few weeks I felt it growing stronger and stronger. I wanted to get through to people . I wanted to make people happy.

The voice said, you have to get out of your comfort zone. Now!

Weeks passed again and I decided to learn how to write. The studio turned into a fashion company and my blog Vanillapearl was born.

I took the imaginary shackles off my feet and got on my surfboard of my own free will and I`m forever riding the wave of happiness, love and freedom.

Let`s sum up:

1. Realize your situation. Are you riding the wave or is it riding you? If so, act now! Start painting your canvas. Only you know the picture.

2. Step out of your comfort zone! Have faith! Dare to believe in you! Ìt`s not about making money, it`s about having a vision. Anything else ist just organization.Don`t take 1 step further, take 3!

3. As soon as you have finished the picture, start implementing it. Now! What do I need for it? Who do I need for it? What do I have to learn?

You will feel that lukewarm flame become a blazing fire. If you let that flame dwindle, your canvas will stay empty and you will be, too.

I`m curious what your picture is going to be like.

Yours truly,


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  • RMS says:

    There’s nothing more exciting, scary and pleasurable – all at once – than stepping out of your comfort zone and daring yourself to try something different, new and unexpected. I’m still uncertain what my picture is ultimately going to look like but I’m certainly busy scribbling away and hoping it will contain an escape from the world of magazines and into the sunnier, shinier world of fiction!