Are You Ready for Your Shiny Performance?

Christina in Croatia
Christina Striewski Vanillapearl with silver vinyl leggings in Croatia

Shine today and chase away the winter!

Does your style cause a stir?

Do you set yourself apart from others?

Do you make statements?

Are you trying to please everyone?

Are you individual?

I don`t feel like being everyone`s darling any more..

Just don`t scandalize.

Just don`t disappoint anyone.

Just don`t be provocative.

It has taken me a long time to understand just how boring that is.

I disappeared like a grain of sand on the beach.

I was one of many.

I was dull.

I had nothing to say.

Is this our purpose?

Don`t we all have a task?

Don`t we all bear responsibility?

Don`t we all have something to say?

Are we only role models if we say yes to anything?

There`s a saying: If you don`t stand for something, you fall for anything!

How are you feeling right now? Touché? Do yo feel just like I do?

Then follow me.

Togther, we will step out of the crowd and shape our pesonalities.

The experience that shaped us will turn us into wonderful role models for others. The mistakes we made lead us the way and formed our opinion. We know what we want and we know what we don`t want. We can help others to not make the same mistakes.

We all have one thing in common, otherwise you wouldn`t be here:

We want to shine..

With small details we can achieve great things.

Let`s start with gold and silver. Let yourself be inspired and follow me into a brighter world that makes you happy.

I`m looking forward to you.


Yours truly,



Shop the style:

  • golden leggings by Arcanum
  • black top with design by Shein
  • black high heels by ALDO
  • sandals by GUESS
  • blue shades by JustCavalli, Suns glasses by RayBan
  • black asymmetrical top by von ZARA
  • silver high heels and purple boots by Public Desire
  • silver skirt, black vinyl top and silver leggings made by Christina, prototypes
  • black vinyl bag by Arcanum, available in a few days

Christina with golden vinyl leggings

Christina with golden vinyl leggings in Fuerteventura

Christina with a silver vinyl skirt in Holbox

Christina with golden vinyl leggings in Holbox Mexico