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Christina in Istrien Kroatien
Christina Striewski Vanillapearl mit schwarzer Lederhose von Arcanum in Santa Marina Porec Kroatien

Boring is yesterday`s news!

She hasn`t left us after all, our beloved sun. For months, we have been thinking she`s committing adultery and preferring the south. For substitute, she sent us the frost, that was making fun of us on top of everything with his shine. We had a hard time shining in ice and frost every day while the icicles and snow crystals had more than an easy time. Oh, how the past winter has shone and covered us in snow masses.  But what about us? For months, we had been building up an image, been working on our self confidence, been starting to shine, became braver and then it was all over. As the sun preferred different pastures, we sought consolation in our knitted sweaters.  They don`t just up and go. They abide by all things to come our way in our closets. Those few mothholes are stitched easily.

The effect was predictable.  Even though my knitted sweaters are at least partly colorful, my drive to conquer dwindled. I retreated and continued to eat humble pie on the safe side. You don`t take any risks and can`t be deserted. I stopped all further production of my pants. I froze it. And I slipped on this very nice and shiny ice and seriously bruised my nose. Strictly speaking, NOTHING was happening now.  It`s nice to post every day and always be available. But where are my new creations? I decided to change some things. Even if the sun let me down. The sun that had previously been supporting my megalomaniac madness.

I took off my knitted sweater and threw it into a corner. It got on my nerves. It slows me down. It deprives me of my self confidence and hence, my courage. I don`t like myself that way.

Now take 3 deep breaths and slip into the coolest styles. I was starting to feel better. I was wondering what was up next…And look at that! The sun gave me the decisive kick after all. She hasn`t forgotten us. I sighed. The energy was returning.

And what happened next?

The next pants are being produced. My life goes on. Something is happening. Something has been set in motion. The energy and the joy are back.

This won`t happen to me again next winter. Now I know that things will always go on. We will see if that shiny winter frost will trick me again next winter. What do you think?

Be unique and  shine,

Yours truly


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Black vinyl pants byArcanum. All others: homemade prototypes.

Christina Striewski with black vinyl pants from Arcanum in Opatija Croatia
  • RMS says:

    Glad to hear you are back up and shining once again. These little pitfalls and traps exist to test us, I think, and the trick is to bounce back as you evidently have. I have had a few such tests and trials myself in recent weeks but as you say the trick is to keep one’s shiny confident self, shrug off the frumpy and old and power on. I hope your new styles are going to be a success. I am sure they will be. I get a sense you stitch optimism into every seam! Have a great week!

    • Thank you very much my friend. It makes me very happy that you like my point of view. Your words are full of energy and are a big motivation for me. I wish you a happy and shiny week,