A New Year`s Walk into Happiness

Winteroutfit Power Style Vanillapearl Arcanum Lederhose Trendsetter

The atmosphere by the lake is magic today. The lake is glistening the way the most beautiful shiny fabrics do.

What are your plans?

What are your new year`s resolutions?

I wish for all of us to shine and radiate even more.

Every day.

Color and contrast symbolize joy and power.

Splendor means glamor and success.

Let`s show it!

I can`t wait to create color experiments, shiny outfits and flamboyant dishes. I would like to implement all your ideas and inspirations.

Together, we will create a new dimension of joy, lust, ideas and experiments.

Let us find happiness and pass on happiness.

Last year`s experiences have shown me that all positive thoughts and ideas I have passed on came back to me in the form of happy moments twofold and threefold.

Writing for you makes me happy. And this happiness gives me new inspirations every day.

Ideas are scattered on the ground like petals. All we need to do is recognize them and then pick them up.

Together, we will create ever new moments of happiness with this colorful variety of ideas.
And the more happy moments we create, the more power we will gain to overcome the obstacles of life and to help others as well.

We`re already right amidst the swirl of happiness. When you are reading these lines, you will have walked the first steps already. Forward, that is.

Yesterday lies behind us just like the old year.

I`m looking forward to you.


Yours truly,


Coat: own creation – made by Christina – Fake Fur
Hat: Best Secret – Seeberger
Sun glasses: Michael Kors
Pants: Arcanum – vegan leather pants Shine! – made by Christina
Shoes: Doc Martens
Gloves: Best Secret – Roeckl

Would you like to shop at Best Secret? Send me a mailto: christina@vanillapearl.net and I´ll send you an invitation.
PS: This is a recommendation of my own, I don´t get paid for it! 😉