The Top 12 Recipes of 2017

The 12 most popular recipes of 2017
The most popular recipes of the year 2017 made by Christina Striewski Vanillapearl

A Compilation of 2017`s Most Popular Recipes

If you are short on time, you`re in the right place with me.

All recipes are easy and quick to prepare. Yet and still, the have what it takes.

For many years, I have been passionately experimenting with spices and fresh ingredients.

I have always been drawn to experiments. It excites me to break the mold and to fuse different dishes. I love building bridges between contradictions.

Love and lust are the motors that drive me.

Join me in my journey to a fragrant, delicious world of its own.

We create our very own Garden of Eden and make our palate and that of others water with pleasure.

With simple instructions you will transform your kitchen into a lab of love and also of venture. I`m looking forward to you, your comments and your inspirations.

Yours truly


Ceviche made by Christina

Vanilla cream with strawberries

Gilthead on wine jelly

cold smoked char made by Christina

4 course menu made by Christina

Orange cream made by Christina

Shrimps on salmon made by Christina

Shrimps on salmon on avocado

Christinas tomatosoup

Cod with saffron sauce made by Christina

Arogula on avocado and mozzarella

Salmon with sage made by Christina



  • Rose Martine says:

    Wonderful post! We are linking to this great article on our site. Keep up the great writing.

  • Love your post! Do you ever start w/ frozen g. beef? If so, how much time do you add to the cooking? I have a whole freezer full of g. beef.

    • Dear Harold, Sorry for the late answer. I only worked for my cookbook the last month. I don`t exactly understand what g.beef is ? Can you explain it to me?
      Best greetings and thank you for the compliment, Christina

  • Love this soup. I use half the flour and it turned out perfectly for our preference. Thanks for the recipe. Everyone at my party loved it and ive made it twice since then. Frozen chicken is perfect for this recipe at four hours on high.

  • These look so delicious I love meatballs! I love that you made these with ground turkey too.

  • Ashley Jones says:

    These meatballs look delicious! Love that they only take 30 minutes to be made.

  • Holly Hooper says:

    A crock pot white chicken chili? That sounds great, I’ll be looking forward to that recipe! The chicken hoisin rice bowls also sound amazing. I love getting recipe ideas from you!