6 Reasons Why A Successful Woman Can`t Go Without These Pants!

Arcanum Lederhose Shine! mady by Christina
Arcanum Lederhose SHINE!

It`s happening!
The pants of my dreams are finished!

The quest for the pants of my dreams.

I was dissatisfied.
Dissatisfied, because I hadn‘ t found the perfect pants yet.
So I got to work and started investigating.
It took me 2,5 years to develop the perfect fit.
I searched for the perfect pair of jeans for 2,5 years.
The best pair of pants I could find only fulfilled 90% of my expectations.
I improved the cut of these pants to make that 100%.
I am hypersensitive as far as the fit of a pair of pants is concerned, I get cranky when the waistband, a seam or a button squeezes me.
Yet and still, I don`t want to be forced to wear a bunch of bloomers, but rather some tight pants. So what to do about that? The fabric should stretch into 2 directions at least, even better into 4. And of course, it should be high quality.
As there wasn`t any artificial leather of this kind yet, we went on a hunt for it.

I have a dream – the dream of the perfect vegan leather.

Fake leather with the perfect look that feels like velvet on your skin, stretchy and at best – breathable.

A dream!

Or an illusion?

After a long quest, we finally found a company that has been working on fake leather for 10 years with a textile engineer. It`s an art in itself to produce these kinds of fabrics. We told them about our wishes and they promised to try, but without any guarantees.
A week later, the first samples arrived.
I was thrilled. We were holding 2 different kinds of fake leather in our hands.
The first one is a bit more matte, shines slightly, feels like cashmere, is stretchy and breathable.

A fake leather revolution!

The second one is more shiny and stretches into 4 directions. Fantastic!
A true revolution – produced especially for us!
This is how our 2 new models SHINE! and BREATHE! emerged. SHINE! and BREATHE! are a must-have for any closet,
The first prototypes we distributed to 2 product testers caused a storm of enthusiasm.
One tester, Annette, wore the pants to school for teaching. In the afternoon, she was asked in a bar if she was still single. She was beaming with joy because she feels strong and sexy in those pants and this self-confidence works.
These pants replace any dating site.

Forget about Tinder and let the law of attraction work for you. Let yourself be found!

Dress to impress and you will be strong.

You`ll put on these pants and you won`t feel them at all.

Here are the 6 reasons why these pants are more vital for you than your house keys.

1. These pants have the perfect fit!

Due to the waistband, which has been shifted slightly upward, you will automatically have the perfect fit.
Thanks to the typical 5 pocket jeans cut, the pants will look hot even from behind.

2. These pants don`t squeeze you anywhere!

Despite the tight fit, you can easily chow down a 5 course meal and they still won`t squeeze you one bit.

3. You won`t sweat in these pants!

You can wear them in the summer because they`re breathable. Even though it`s fake leather, the material breathes like cotton.

4. These pants are striking, yet sophisticated.

We have succeeded in creating a bridge between slightly shiny fake leather, which used to be more of a thing to wear in the clubs and a sophisticated pair of pants you can wear at the office.

5. These pants won`t distract you!

Since you can barely feel then as they merely caress the skin, you can focus on other things like your work or your partner.

6. No need to worry about stains!

Don`t worry about red wine or olive oil. Just brush over it and the stain is gone.
This is one of the reasons why I cook exclusively in leather.

I have to admit that I am a little proud.
For such a long time I had been thinking it was impossible to fulfill all my expectations as far as fabric, fit and style are concerned.
All the research and work was worth it!
The time has come!

Every woman or even every man can dive into these pants and enter a new dimension of impact.

Let`s be strong together, feel beautiful and be striking.

If not now, then when?
Yours truly,
Oh, and by the way, if you happen to forget your keys, the locksmith will help you free of charge in these pants!

Christina and Christine in Arcanum Leatherpants SHINE!


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