6 Golden Rules On How To Shine In The Kitchen

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Don`t be scared of your mother in law!
Tips and tricks for a shiny performance in the kitchen

Rules challenge me, rules are meant to be bent, most of them anyway.
No idea why I am starting to get on your nerves with rules now!
I guess it just came over me.
I got so upset about the 12 rules from a women`s magazine, that I got my book out and put down my own rules.
Maybe the magazine`s editor will get upset about my rules, a few feminists surely will.
Maybe you will feel like breaking my rules. Or they might just convince you.or you may laugh about them.

Either way, I`m bold enough to write down my rules.

I believe in them and I practice what I preach.

I have asked myself what I do when a dish of mine turns out really successful.
And I wondered, how many times I had ever cooked in my life. It must have been about 10.000 times!
My pencil almost cracked when I saw that number. A lot of stuff accumulates over the years.

I „destilled“ my rules from these 10.000 times of cooking for you.

Rules do attract us. They make life easier and do the thinking for us.
Here are my very own and personal rules for cooking for you that I stick to myself. They work for me, so I hope they will help you.shine at your next invitation or simply on a weeknight`s dinner.Just try them! Maybe you have more suggestions on how to shine in the kitchen. I`m keen on your ideas!

1. Get comfortable in your kitchen! Clean up your mess!

Junk kills creativity, it interferes with inspiration and distracts you.

Trash belongs in the trash can to make room for clarity.
Who likes to dwell in chaos?
Does a kitchen that looks like Haiti after a hurricane inspire you? Certainly not!
An acquaintance of mine who is also a starred chef once wiped all of his pots, pans, jars, vials and small bowls into a trash bag with the movement of one arm and disposed of it in the trash can in his own kitchen. „Now I am ready to work“, was his comment. I can`t possibly recite his wife`s comment here.

The kitchen is your lab for experimenting with sensuality. Keep it as clear as in the Bulthaup catalog.

2. Have part of your food home delivered

If you have at least part of your food delivered to you, it will save you a lot of running and dragging around.
I have been receiving Etepetete`s veggie box for a few weeks now. A dream come true! My refrigerator`s veggie drawer is always stacked now and I`m preparing vegetables these days I would have never bought in the store. The veggie box inspires me. Find your own personal box and let others do the hauling. I try to stockpile dried goods such as pasta, lentils, rice,…

3. Create your own magic mix of basic spices

Imagine a piano with most of the important keys missing. A kitchen without all the important spices is like a Steinway without keys. No artist will play the moonlight sonata on 7 keys. If you want to improvise, you need keys, which means.spices.
Imagine you are being overwhelmed by the desire to make oriental burgers on a Sunday afternoon. You`ve got the minced meat, but you neither have Piment d`Espelette, nor cumin, nor fennel seeds.Unimaginable!
Have everything delivered to you beforehand, invest once but wisely, then you will be ready to compose anytime.
I order spices by the package, try them, maybe at Bremer Gewürzhandel (Bremen spice dealer). I have had good experiences with them (this is just a tip, no covert advertising).

Here is my suggestion for your basic spice kit:

Black and white pepper, sea salt, garam masala, Piment d`Espelette, caraway, cumin, turmeric, fennel seeds, bay leaves, cloves and juniper berries.
Buy preferably fresh if possible: rosemary, thyme, marjoram, sage, and tarragon, otherwise use dried herbs.
Mind you – these heavenly spices can only be used in combination with the finest native olive oils.

4. Buy meat and fish preferably from regional and fair manufacturers.

Food should not only appeal to the eye, but to our conscience as well.
I am convinced that we eat information.
The life of an animal is saved in its cells, which we swallow. Do you want to enjoy suffering and highly dosed antibiotics? That`s a no-go, isn`t it? I love eating meat and fish, so that`s why I want to know exactly what`s on my fork.
You don`t have a butcher who is worthy of your trust? Have it delivered! At the end of this article, you will find reliable sources.

5. Feel sexy in the kitchen, get dolled up!

At the stove in leather pants and high heels? A picture for the Pirelli calendar.
I can hear the feminists protesting already, don`t worry, I don`t either.
I tried, it worked, and I had a constant grin on my face.
Imagine your partner comes home surprisingly early, he watches you cook or you guys cook together.

You cook the way you feel!

Do you feel extraordinary? Then your food will taste extraordinary!

Recipes without love and sex taste dull.

Do you feel sexy in a raggedy apron? See! Try it!

6. Flow into every ingredient.

If you cook like a computer, your food will taste like a plate.

Food is alive and life needs love.

Only with love cells will turn into life worth living.

It`s not enough to stick perfectly to the recipe when cooking.
Magic will only come into your dish if you feel, taste and smell every detail.
When you`re cooking, put all of your heart and your love into it!

Listen to your inner voice!

You will be thrilled to compose a symphony in your kitchen.
You will know how much chili to add to your guacamole.
Be aware of every detail, the flavor, the consistency, everything.
Then you will start making magic and being the star of your culinary fairy tale.

A bonus rule at the end:

Never drink bad wine with good food. It must not be expensive nor too cheap, but good quality.

All the best and good luck with sensual cooking!

Yours truly,


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