5 Shiny Pieces to Make Your Style Shine Brightly!

black vinyl pants from Arcanum
Black vinyl pants from Arcanum made by Christina Striewski

The time is right for your performance!!!

Let`s get rid of old traditions. Let`s fill our daily lives with vibrant swagger. Let`s shine. Let`s  be happy.

Let`s separate from „the glass is half empty“ people who bitch and bicker and always predict the worst case scenarios.

Let`s be confident.

Let`s  be different.

Let`s be unique and thankful for life.

Let`s be tingly and exciting. Boredom is yesterday`s news. Together, we will rise from the grey shadows and shine.

Which exciting thing have you done today?

What have you done today that has filled you with joy, excitement and pride in YOURSELF?

My feet fall numb from gridlock. Change must happen. Change keeps us awake and drives us ahead. Change is the motor of our personal development.

Sometimes, I am as uninspired as an assemly line factory worker, who monotonoulsy repeats the same move over and over. There is no juice left to be squeezed from the lemon. There is nothing left to design. There is nothing left to write. There is nothing left to say. What now?

Sometimes you just have to let things sit for a few days and have faith in inspiration to return. I promise it will return. No matter what we do. And after a stagnation we are so getting started!

It goes „BOOM“! Now things are getting interesting.

Something lies dormant in all of us. We just have to lure it out. To entice it. We have to believe in ourselves. The frustration that comes and goes is an adamant visitor. The sooner we chase it off, the faster we can dedicate ourselves to sparkling moments.

Throw your old cardigan in the trash, change into a tight, shiny outfit and convince others of your style with strength and a confident smile. New times are coming, as we are the creators of the space we move in.

Have fun pimping your wardrobe! Dare to be bold or you will be overlooked. You better go all out and become the „sparklebomb“ of your surroundings.

Be exciting and shine!!!

Yours truly


Golden vinyl pants from Arcanum

Black vinyl pants from Arcanum

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  • RMS says:

    Your comments ring so true! I find it so incredibly liberating, and feel so much more creative in shiny vinyl – which is no small thing since creativity is how I make my living. So out with the old, in with the shiny new vibe. It has truly surprised me just how much difference it makes when I sit down to write – so much so that I’ve gone from being too shy to wear them to making shiny vinyl jeans my daily attire in my office