4 Inspirations to Put You in the Mood for Spring

Blaue Lackleggings Made by Christina Striewski Vanillapearl
Blaue Lackleggings made by Christina Striewski Vanillapearl für Arcanum

It`s finally time!

Time for your explosion is here! Every cell is vibrating!

Just as blossoms right before their explosion your wardrobe is waiting to make you bloom.

Do you want to stick out from the crowd and be striking?

Then read on!

If you just like to be „properly dressed“, then don`t change a thing! But in this case, you wouldn`t be here, would you?

Be bold, shine and radiate! Now!!!

Together, we walk towards the future one small step at a time.

We will always be a small step ahead of others and hence stick out. Life is too short to drown in the crowd. There are many sharp dressers. Sharp is not brilliant!.

Being brilliant means walking a step further.

Follow me into new dimensions where desire, joy, fun and extravagance set the tone.

I`m looking foward to you!

Here are my 4 favorite styles that will put you and others in the mood.

Be happy and shine


Yours truly,


Christina - VanillaPeal in Santorini in Arcanum Lackhose SuperShine! Royal

Christina with black vinyl pants from Arcanum

Christina with golden vinyl leggings from Arcanum

blue vinyl leggings made by Christina

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