3 Styles to Blow Your Fall Blues Away

Christina in Tenerife

How to get in the right mood to make those dark days shine bright like a diamond

And here we go again. I am stupidly staring into nothing again and I am tired, bored ot of my mind and clueless, without any ideas. As soon as the sun vanishes, a switch seems to flip. I am sick of it. All summer long I have had the best intentions NOT to get into this mode again. Uuuuurgh! How can you be so damn dull? That`s the onset of winter depression…

NO: Not with me. I don`t want this any more!!!

I`m sick of these f-ing oversized sweaters. NO wonder I`m in a shitty mood.

Before self pity grows bigger than King Kong himself, I get myself together and change clothes. I attack, I fight back. You won`t get me any more. I won`t let anything and anyone spoil my mood.

I will take off! Today!!!!

It worked. I drove to Starnberg to Modafein FashionStore and searched for suitable, high end items to match my shiny pants. Miraculously, I found the perfect items.  My good mood was restored and the outfits totally inspired me. We won`t let anyone tear us down. We know who we are, after all!!!

So, keep your head up and dress up! Every day! You will feel reborn. Any old clothes belong in the clothes drive. Let`s walk new paths and create styles of our own. Times are changing soooooo fast. So why don`t we?????

Have fun with my 3 favorite outfits.

Be unique and shine!!!

Yours truly,


Christina in Tenerife

Christina in Tenerife

Christina in Tenerife


Christina in Tenerife

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