3 steps towards your personal freedom

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Shatter the shackles of circumstance and breathe!

Ever wonder what „personal freedom“ means?

Personal freedom means being at ease with myself and my surroundings and creating something on the basis of this.

We become free by taking resonsibility for ourselves and deciding freely how to act and which projects to realize.

Have you maxed out all of your potential yet?

Have you already discovered all of your talents?

Why don`t you go ahead and ask your friends and family what they appreciate most about you and what you are best at.

You will be amazed at what you will discover! We don`t even perceive some of our qualities as we consider them to be self-evident.

Discover yourself and all your abilities and talents that lie dormant  inside of you.

My previous articles have been mainly about inner peace and moments of happiness we can create.

I have written about these issues several times so far, because we can only create something when our inner life is in order.

This is the basis, the foundation, the root of our doing.

After my husband`s separation, I lost pretty much everything I owned. My studio and my customers, and the house, my provision for old age.

And then there were my children, that need to be taken care of aswell.

My customers stayed away from one day to the next, because they couldn`t deal with the new situation and were biased. Maybe they just didn`t know what to say.

I felt pretty stripped. After all, I had had that studio for 20 years!

Time for action!

First off, I moved into my current husband`s house with my kids. And then it was time to clean up. I had to learn to redesign and sort out my life. This change wasn`t easy after 20 years.

But I considered it a chance. A huge chance!

I started cleaning up my red tape in order to get an overview of my new life and to recognize the opportunities that were suddenly presenting themselves to me.

I sorted out each little note, paid old bills and threw out everything I didn`t need.

There was no room for a studio in our apartment.

That`s how I came up with the idea of building a small house in the garden. The landlord was bugged, did however finally agree to it. All I needed now was the loan and a building permit.

Suddenly, this desire was so strong that I was bursting with energy. Finally, my inner life was cleaned up. Some scars remained, but that`s part of it. I was able to breathe again and saw one door open after another.

I went to the bank and asked for a loan for my new studio. The banker shook his head when he saw my income. I tried to convince him by all means possible and explained to him that I can only turn a profit if I have a studio.

Finally, he agreed and I grinned.

12 weeks later, there was a beautiful wooden house with an oven standing in our garden.

This example shows that we have many more possibilities to fulfill our dreams than we suspect.

A painful event put me in this situation. I was forced to deal with myself in an extreme way. But exactly this is how I discovered many new possibilities.

„Now more than ever!“, I thought. And miraculously, every detail fell into place.

Just getting the building permit alone was quite a act, as the house turned out to be much larger than allowed. But I was so strongwilled that everything worked out step by step.

You don`t necessarily have to feel pain to believe in yourself even more. Sometimes it`s enough to just sit down and take a reset.

What have I achieved so far?

How can I walk one step further?

Sometimes we are afraid to step out of our comfort zone, because we are afraid of taking risks.

And yet you listen to your inner voice and hear your longings and desires knocking and wanting to get out.

Imagine your dream project very exactly.

What does it take?

Which step can you go every day in order to get a little closer to your goal?

What happens if something goes wrong?

What would be the worst case scanario?

If you keep this situation in mind every day and acquire knowledge, the fear will subside.

You will wake up one day knowing exactly what to do.

Start now!

Believe in yourself!

Trust in yourself and your abilities!

Take calculated risks and charm those who can help you.

Here are the 3 most important points to lead you towards your new personal freedom:

– Clean up your inner life! You can only create something when the foundation is right. And you are the foundation!

– Discover yourself and your hidden talents. Remember situations in which you were successful and couldn`t even figure out afterwards how you did it!

– Acquire knowledge and search for information about your dream project.

In order to be able to assess a good car and its value correctly, you need information. Try to find out everything about your favorite model. Become an exert in this field.

I think I know all companies for wooden houses now. To be 100% sure to take the right decision, I had to find out everything about the prices and the quality. I almost burst with curiosity when growing into this matter.

Start writing down your desires today. Shorten your list down to the nitty gritty. Pick a wish to start with.

Start gaining some knowledge about your desire today. Learn to leap.

And maybe this little leap will be the beginning of your ever growing personal freedom.

In my next articles, I will report to you about the leaps that followed afterwards. Have you become curious?

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Yours truly,