3 Steps to YOUR Style Revolution

Christina in Santorini
Christina Striewski vanilla pearl in Santorini

Radical, simple and fast. Good riddance to the old, welcome to the new style!

Away with square stuff!

Away with old junk!

Away with alleged friends!

Away with junk!

Away with bad moods!

Away with old clothes!

Aren`t you sick of it, too, sometime?

Every day, you wear the same thing, because you don`t have to pay it any mind and because it just fits and it`s nice and comfortable.

Ecvery day, you stare at the same 4 walls.

Every day, you stare at the mirror and look the same.

Do you feel like a revolutionary change?

Then you`re in the right place!

That feeling hits me every year around fall when it starts getting grey and cold. The garden furniture is being squarred away.That`s it for 7 months. Too bad!

But since it`s our common goal to fight self-pity and grasp at the opportunity I say „STOP!“

What an awesome situation! Finally it`s time for new pictures on the wall.

It`s finally time for a new style!

It`s finally time for new recipes!

Since I don`t really settle for mediocre, it`s time for a revolutionary change!

Of course I can`t afford a whole new living room refurnishing, but a few details always work. I love repositioning everything. I pretend I have a restaurant. And here we go! Away with the junk, with the trivia in my kitchen. I want a clean and comfortbale look. And a new look! Newly designed. Newly created.

I feel brandnew in my own surroundings. I`m living my dream world within my own 4 walls.

My style is next. Man, I am sick of last year`s despicable outfits. I am a whole nother person. We want to keep developing, don`t we?

So the time for a new revolutionary style has come. Of course we can`t afford to buy completely new clothes. But the same applies here, small details can change the world.

I ordered a few crazy blouses, new belts, some costume jewellary and some new nail polish. My husband got me that XXL scarf for my birthday, then I got a cool leather bracelet from my girlfriend and my kids gave me a bunch of wicked shirts. My personal style revolution was about to start.

You can only be open for new things if you let go of the old ones.

Dare to give or throw away old stuff. For much too long, I thought I needed to keep everything in order to save money.

Forget about that! It`s  not universal.

Universal means finding that magic balance of giving and taking.

Nothing new will come if you are not willing to give.

Start going wild and crazy! Now!

And just as a restaurant emerged in my living-room, I started staging new outfits. I overdid details, one part too colorful, one part oversized, the pants too shiny and the hat larger than life The same went for the watch, my lipstick went dark pink and the shoes got twice as high as usual.

Oh, how much I loved this game!

I recreated myself. Day after day. I became my own trademark.

What should the star in your enchanted environment look like?

Be creative! Let`s sum up:

  • First, restage your 4 walls and don`t forget to go crazy. Sky`s the limit.
  • Free yourself from anything unpleasant! Nothing and noone should hinder your creativity or worse slow you down! AWAY WITH IT! BREATHE!!!
  • Reinvent yourself! Every day! Look into your fluffy, light and crazy apartment and create the star of this event now! Dimensions will shift. Your surroundings will become what you think! Change your hair color, change details!

No matter if you are old, young, fat, thin, tall or short, man , woman or an alien! Anyone can play this game! Your personal revolution will illuminate your every day life.

Let`s go!

  • Clear out your address book.
  • Radically change the living-room with details and order.
  • Enchant your closet and make it the star`s wardrobe.

You are the star! The most important person! The world revolves around you!

Yours truly,


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Christina - VanillaPeal und Arcanum Designerin in Santorini in Arcanum Lackhose SuperShine! Royal und HighHeels

Christina, VanillaPearl und Arcanum Designerin, in roten Lackhosen und OTK Boots - Arcanum Prototype

Christina - VanillaPeal in Santorini in roter Lackhose und Higheels


Blue vinyl pants ” SuperShine” Royal by  Arcanum

Silver boots by Public Desire

Red vinyl outfit made by Christina Vanillapearl , prototype

Overknees by Public Desire

Black satin blazer by Vila