3 kinds of pants that will make you a star

Leather pants from Arcanumfashion Be a star with leather pants made by Christina
Leather pants from Arcanumfashion made by Christina Vanillapearl Be a star

For years, the ambition and the desire to create leather pants for any situation has haunted me. It took me 10 years to succeed.

Either there was something wrong with the quality of the fabric, or the fabrics were not suitable for every day use or stained with prejudice.

But now it`s time!

Imagine waking up and kicking off your day with a cool, new pair of leather pants! A sophisticated white shirt matched with some understated leather pants, classy shoes and off to the office you are!

A dream come true! The conservative office dress code is out of style. Advertising agencies, film productions and other creative industries are the trailblazers for the casual look.

We dont have to hide any more or squeeze into stuffy suits. We are allowed to  show our own personal style and to stick out from the crowd. A little, at least.


I want to be noticable. I do not want to hide. I would like to set my own trends with confidence.

Are you extravagant?

Are you unique?

Is your appearance strong?

Have you ever watched how you come across at a conference if you dress strongly?

I am positive that we can pursue our goals more easily if the way we dress implies that we know what we want.

Change of scene:

You come home from work and have a date planned. What to wear? Now you don`t just want to stick out from the crowd, but you want to look sexy, cool and desirable.

I won`t even have to pop the question of which item to grab now. It`s time for the more shiny version of the leather pants.

The faux leather fits like a glove and turns you into a seductive vamp. A touch of extravagance and magic surrounds you. Your glow and your shine will make your counterpart shine aswell.

It doesn`t even have to be a date. It could be a wonderful evening for two or a visit to the theater. The year 2017 is wonderful, at least as far as fashion is concerned.

No matter male or female, your appearace in leather pants will cause a 90% positive stir. The remaining 10% are a risk that will make the air sizzle.

And there is more sizzling in scene 3:

As you are always on the go, you need to change it up a bit with your pants.

Brace yourself, your appearance will get really shiny now!

Our role models are now the celebs, which strut along the red carpet in hot lacquer pants and build a bridge to mainstream with an oversized sweater or an oversized shirt.

When was your last spectacular appearance? I hope you can remember!

Put some glamour into your every day life and stun your surroundings.

As I have reported before, almost all people react in a much more positive way than expected. Often we think too long and hard until courage completely fails us.

What are we scared of? What slows us down? Arent`t we all old enough to finally show we are strong and independent?

Unless we aren`t? Is other people`s opinion of us so important that we grab the grey leggings and the green parka after all? Isn`t it time to make statements?

It has never been as vital as now to plead your own cause. It has never been as important to be a role model for our surroundings. Being a role model means showing that we are free and independent. And happy! Bickering and fussing has never helped anyone.

Let`s convey joy!

Let`s  spread happiness!

Let`s smile at others!

Let`s stand up for our mistakes and laugh about them!

Let`s take charge and set the direction for trends.

You make others happy by reenacting yourself.

Glow, shine, laugh and become a ray of hope on dull days.

And I promise you, all this is worth it for a single smile we put in someone`s face.

Show yourself, as you carry responsibility. Responsibility for those who don`t dare to show themselves yet.

Become a trendsetter in your own surroundings.

Start with details  and take it a step further every day, until you feel that it`s right.

You are your own creator.

You are precious.

You glow, sometimes more, sometimes less.

This is how you become the sun in your surroundings.

Have fun taking your next step!

Yours truly,



  • Winston says:

    You look amazing in those leather pants, Christina. This is a picture to share with women to inspire them to wear leather pants more often in their everyday fashion. I think understated leather pants like these are perfect for any woman who wants an alternative to regular jeans. While they make you look sexy, they are also very elegant and appropriate. If you work in a (non-corporate) office or agency, this is a great outfit for a lady like yourself to wear to work. I’m surprise more women don’t wear nice elegant black leather pants like these because I think they can be the most versatile piece of clothing a woman can own; she can wear them with dressy or casual clothes or something in between.

    Really love your style and fashion, Christina. I hope that you are inspiring women out there to wear leather pants like you do 😉


    • Dear Winston,
      Thank you so much for your nice and inspiring words. Such comments are supporting me and my work very much. You are right. Women can wear leather pants everywhere with dressy or casual clothes. I hope very much that more and more women will wear leather pants everywhere.
      Thank you so much,

      • Winston says:

        You’re welcome Christina.
        Along with being a designer and creator of arcanum fashion, you are the face of it. With how comfortable, confident and sexy you look in the vinyl and leather clothes, you do a really good of promoting this type of fashion. That’s the way to inspire more women to wear shiny clothing. Christina, I think it’s great and exciting how you make vinyl and leather clothes not only your fashion, but also your lifestyle.

        Keep up the great work.

        • Dear Winston,
          You are always very nice to me. Thank you so much . I would be very happy if more and more women start to wear shiny clothes everywhere. And I hope to be an inspiration for women and men too. I wish you all the best,

  • Tim Woolhead says:

    Dear Christina,

    It is a total delight to see a lady wearing and promoting leather in a normal everyday way on the internet. I have always believed that leather is a stylish fabric and can be worn at home, at work and socialising. I lived in Australia for many years and a particular office I worked in the female members of staff wore leather skirts and trousers as normal as linen, wool, cotton etc. It was a travel company, just an ordinary company.

    It is a shame that the internet has implanted into ladies this vision of leather which may have stopped them wearing it in public as much as they used to.

    You have a style and classic elegance about you Christina and look forward to reading future posts and hearing more about your views.

    All the very best,

    • Dear Tim , Thank you so much for these nice words.Yes you are right. Many women stopped wearing shiny clothes because they are afraid of the reactions. It´s my mission to show everybody that it should be normal to wear vinyl and leather everywhere and everyday 😉
      I wish you all the best and I´m very happy that you read my articles:-)