2 Pink Winter Stlyes that Show you off Perfectly!

Christina with a pink winter coat from Arcanum in Porec


How to spread power and joy with your outfit

Feel like showing off?

Feel like sticking out from the crowd?

Feel like spreading good vibes?

Feel like getting a wow out of people?

Then you`re in the right place!

Pink glows, it makes you happy and it`s extravagant.

The psychological effect of colors is often underestimated.

I love variety. I love playing with moods. I love playing with colors.

Depending on what you feel like, you can change yourself and your effect.


  • Black appears cool and elegant.
  • Air and freedom are associated with blue.
  • Green has a calming effect.
  • Red is a statement. Red is a symbol of fire and strength, lust and passion.
  • Pink is striking, playful and happy. It makes us think of the pink panther from the comic movie. Pink ist the transitional color between red and purple and symbolizes extravagance, idealism, transformation, involvement, compassion and order.

I enjoy playing with these different effects. When I enter a room dressed in black, no one will talk to me. This outfit seems cool and has somewhat of a dark touch. When I enter a room dressed in bright, happy and striking colors, people immediately smile at me.

Try this effect!

Dare to be more bold than usual!

Soon you will realize that your daily life tingles more than before! This makes your own mood change.

You become your own mood enhancer!

Make YOURSELF happy, then you will make others happy aswell. Accentuate yourself with new colors. Radiate like a flower and be ablaze in new light.

Start staging yourself now, no matter where you are.

Start with details and magically turn into the shiny magic of winter bit by bit.

Here are my 2 pink winter styles, one for every day and one for your spectacular appearance.

Both are „ Put fun first!“

Are you ready?

Are your fingers tingling yet?

Let`s make shiny colorful statements. They will unite us, no matter where we are.

I`m looking forward to your happy, stylish appearance!

Yours truly,


Christina with a pink fakefur winter coat from Arcanum

Christina in winterwonderland

Christina in Porec

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