10 Fashion Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

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10 hints how to shine rather than to be invisible

My resume of 20 years of making fashion

You know the story about the Jean Paul Gaultier vinyl body (read here). The vinyl body lured me, the body accompanied me, even when I was designing Dirndl and female suits.

I confess, I`m attracted to shiny clothes, they are my world.

If you`d rather wear a sloppy camouflage look, don`t bother reading on, then we`re not a match.
I`m writing about shiny clothes, because they`re me.
You will be striking in them and this will make you strong and sexy.
The older I get, the clearer I get on what I want and I don`t give a a flying f…. about what other people think.

My 10 tipps are for YOU, who is still reading on.

Are you into radical styling? Then you might like my 10 tips. Let`s get started!

Mistake No. 1: Trying to look like somebody else

Accentuate your uniqueness!
No one can copy that!
Be yourself!

Mistake No. 2: Following every fashion trend

I` ve had it with the trend reports. I`m refusing to wear ¾ bell-bottom pants and to look like a bratwurst on stilts!
Form your own opinion – develop your own style!

Mistake no. 3: Getting those pants one size smaller

“I`ll probably lose those last 4 pounds next week!”


Never buy pants that are too tight! They will end up in the depths of your closet – FOREVER!

Mistake no. 4 Buying the cheaper version


All of my cheap shirts and pants were garbage after the second round of laundry.
The lesson is clear:
Eventually, buying cheap means investing more. We`re wasting money! And money means time!
Buying cheap means wasting precious life time.

Mistake No.5: Buying what`s in the glossy magazines

The sweater on the photo looks like cashmere. But it`s made of 100% polyacrylic . It scratches your skin like a wire brush. Don`t let yourself be fooled by seductive pictures.
Watch out for the material composition. Turn on your brain!

Mistake No. 6: Buying an item of clothing in order to cover up those trouble spots!

Buy a piece that accentuates your assets!
Focus on your hot and sassy decollete or your ankles and accentuate them!

Mistake No. 7: Picking your high heels an inch lower so that you`ll feel comfortable and won`t be noticed

Get them an inch taller! Be striking and cause a stir!
Stand out from the crowd!
We can still hide when the final curtain falls and the coffin calls….

Mistake No. 8: Chosing a tighter outfit to accentuate your silhouette

Too tight is unflattering.
If the fabric is a bit more loose, it falls more smoothly and flatters you more. 1-2mm can do miracles!

Mistake No. 9: Grey in grey is stylish

If you don`t combine grey with a contrasting color, you`ll end up going unnoticed in your mouse grey outfit.
No one will admire a combination of mouse grey and stone grey, because you will be invisible!

Mistake No. 10: Matte equals elegant

Matte is inconspicuous and submissive.
Shine and you will make a strong impression.

Dare to be striking! Dare to glow! Glamour up your life! Now!

Enjoy shopping with a different pair of glasses on your nose.

Yours truly,

Leather pants vegan: Arcanum  – Black Pants out of stock – NEXT GENERATION OF BLACK LEATHER PANTS AVAILABLE NOV 16
Top: Trussardi
Brille: Micheal Kors
Schuhe: H&M

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  • Kai says:

    Wonderful blok, text. All is true and i will think right way. Maybe i have done some mistakes. But i will wear shiny pants, be proud of those. And smiling, be happy and have a good mood yours Kai

    • Hi Kai,

      sorry for not answering for a while, I know you are the most faithful reader of this blog!
      Don´t worry at all about the mistakes styling yourself, I haven´t meant it too seriously.
      BUT: we shouldn´t hide ourselves and wearing shiny colorful clothes makes the world a brighter place.