How to Make an Elegant Appearance!

Black leather pants from Arcanum
Christina Striewski Vanillapearl with black leather pants from Arcanum and a golden blazer.

The perfect style for special occasions!

There is nothing more beautiful than starting the day off shiny and  even topping this glamour in the evening. This time, my outfit was supposed to be elegant, high class, stylish and yet shiny. This outfit really works for any occasion.

The word elegance drives from the Latin word elegantia meaning fashion taste, noble, finesse, grace, smooth, cultivated and classy.

What do you imagine when you read these words? Which items of clothing in your closet match this description? Which basics can you match with a classy blazer? I was at a bit of a loss when I wanted to compose a sophisticated yet shiny outfit. The shiny leather pants are a perfect basic item, but what to wear with them? The vinyl jacket is too bold, a blouse too boring. I just had to get that classy blazer I discovered at Scotch and Soda. Which color to better define the word elegance than gold? I was thrilled!

Gold and black is a timeless combination that always works. Gold is sophisticated and black is leegant, This combination with a touch of glamour will turn you into a brilliant event. Try it. I think that the color gold can be worn by both women and men. Kings wear gold, after all, too! Let`s  create our very own fairy tale once again in which we star. Who would you like to be today? Flow into this role to the point where you forget who you really are. You will shine more brightly than all others. You will hold the scepter. You will be brilliant at your appearance and pass your heavenly mood on to others. Mediocrity was yesterday. Let`s  just take off!  Show others! Show others who you are and who you can be! Don`t let yourself be stopped and never let yourself be slowed down.  With these little tasks, you can practise every day how to set yourself apart from the crowd and how to become the star of your surroundings. Start with details like a golden bracelet or golden shoes. Piece by piece, you can bring a little more glamour into your surroundings. Try it. It`s worth it. Shine and radiate from within and without. If you don`t feel well, dress fantastic. You will immediately feel better. I have tried many times. If the day is grey on grey and your moood more black than grey, I try to wear happy and shiny outfits. It immediately reflects on my mood, just like a light that`s being switched on. Enjoy staging yourself! Exaggeration always works. At least a bit.

Yours truly,


Christina in leather pants from Arcanum


Christina with leather pants from Arcanum

Christina with leather pants from Arcanum

Christina Vanillapearl with leather pants from Arcanum

Christina with leather pants from Arcanum

Christina with leather pants from Arcanum

Christina mit Schuhen von Public Desire