With Laptop and Vinyl Skirt in the Office!

Business Outfit - Lackrock und Laptop

Can you show up in the office wearing shiny leggings?

Leather and vinyl skirts and leggings are mainstream now. Vinyl leggings and leather pants count as “must have pieces” to go out at night with. Rockstars love leather and latex, only think of  Rita Ora or Lady Gaga in her “Poker Face” video. Donatella Versace loves to show up dressed fully in leather or vinyl and all designers, from Armani to Zadig&Voltaire brought leather, vinyl and latex on the catwalk.

The new trend latex fashion brand “Atsuko Kudo” provides outfits for Kim Kardashian, Rita Ora and almost every female star. And Atsuko Kudo tells in an interview how it was wearing latex the first time:

“I felt like superwoman and I wanted to give this feeling to other women.”

Christina wears business outfit - vinyl leggings and blazer Arcanum Fashion

Are we brave enough to shine everyday?

On my first contact with shiny clothes, it was a shiny vinyl corsage of Jean Paul Gaultier, I also felt like superwoman. I love that feeling wearing shiny clothes. Why don´t we wear it more often, during the week, in the office or at work?

Almost every brave woman has leather pants or shiny leggings in her wardrobe, but we normally use it when the sun goes down and we go out partying. Wearing leatherpants or vinyl leggings in the office still is some kind of risky. But it feels wonderful and I´m feeling not only sexy but also powerful. When I worked at a fashion company in the south of Germany, the atmosphere was not adequate for wearing shiny PVC leggings at that time. Today I would wear it and I would wear it everyday because it feels good.

Today I´m a mother with big children and I love to wear want I want. I don´t want to behave like other expect, I don´t want to live a restrained life. I love to show who I am and enjoy my kind of clothes.

Are we living our fantasies?

1.5 million woman watched the movie “Fifty Shades of Grey” on the first weekend only in Germany, the book was sold over a 100 million times worldwide. A famous German womens magazine found out that women are looking for the same pornografic movies like men.

Are we living our fantasies or are we living what we think other people are expecting from us? Do we want to stay spectators of life or do we want to live our life. Do we want to watch movies or do we want to make our life a movie?

Wearing clothes that give us the power to shine are the first step!

Small experiments make life thrilling – start today!

Can you imagine to test a new look at work? Just try it, just try to see how others react. Experiments make our life thrilling, experiments are adding spice to our daily routine. Start with a small step today and you will see the reactions are interesting.
Some of my friends have confessed me after a few glasses of wine, that they love my VanillaPearl insta account but they don´t dare to like the fotos. WHY? Wearing leather, latex or PVC still is considered as something indecent, may be that´s why I LOVE IT.

Let us live our lifes instead of being spectators.

On some days I just love to wear PVC skirt in the morning. Why not? Why don´t combine vinyl leggings with a classic blazer and step into a business meeting. Sophia Amorouso, #girlboss of the fashion company “Nasty Gal” mentions in her book:

“wearing a pair of leather pants in a business meeting, I´m not only feeling more dangerous, I AM MORE DANGEROUS”

Experiments are tempting me as well as observing the reactions of the others. If we don´t live our lifes NOW, we might regret it one time.

Life is too short to hide. If we dress like SUPERWOMAN, we feel like SUPERWOMAN!

Please leave a comment here, what you experienced wearing shiny clothes, or send me pics and links of you wearing leather and PVC at work or during the day. And how was the reaction of your friends and collegues? I love to hear from you!

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Vinyl skirt: Arcanum Fashion
Vinyl leggings: own creation – made by Christina

Vinylskirt Arcanum Fashion made by Chrisitna

  • Mark says:

    You are spot on regarding wearing leather, latex or PVC still is considered as something indecent. I personal believe it is because some people find it way to sexy for a daily wear. That is a pitty.

    You are asking “Are we brave enough to shine everyday?” Some woman are. My fiancé is getting there. All of her leggings are PVC og high shine wetlook. She always gets a lot of compliments wear them.
    When I see a woman wearing leather, latex or PVC, I see her as a powerful, independent and confidant woman!

    • Wonderful, Mark, thank you! It´s my mission to promote shiny clothes for daily wear – it simply feels fantastic! It took a long time for me to admit it, but now it´s just pure fun and enjoyment and it attracts the right people – like you! Cheers and good luck, Christina.

  • Nik says:

    Christina ,

    A shiny raincoat is also good to wear on the way to the office, practical and very eye catching. The feel , noise and look compliments the skirt or leggings. It’s doesn’t need to be raining either. Wonderful.

    • Dear Nik,
      thanks a lot! And sorry for the late reply, I enjoyed the sea and the sun on vacations. It was always my passion to wear shiny clothes and our little community is growing every day. Good luck and cheers, Christina

  • Paul says:

    Dear Christina, you do it very well :o) …wearing PVC or latex clothes is natural on every occasion.

  • Gabriella says:

    I love vinyl trousers and skirts! And let’s be honest – so do most guys. Leather pants, faux or not, is always super hot. Vinyl can be too. I hope this trend continues, we need more superwomen in vinyl <3

    • Dear Gabriella, Thank you very much for these nice words. You are right. The most of the guys like it and I continue my mission that more and more guys dare to wear shiny styles. I wish you all the best for 2019, Christina