Christina in Arcanum Fashion over magic lake Starnberg

Perceive Yourself!

Do you sometimes wake up in the morning thinking:  “good morning dear sorrows, are you also awake already?”
Are you lacking euphoria to jump out of the bed sometimes?

When I started to work after finishing fashion design academy, I thought I got my dream job. It was a famous and successful fashion company and my job was designing entire collections, creating new patterns and organizing productions. I couldn´t believe how lucky I was, to get a job like this as a total newby. And my boss loved what I created.

Then I started to feel sick, first one day, then a few days in a row. Problems with the stomach and I felt lack of energy and some kind of a light depression. My body fougth against the atmosphere and the working conditions in the company. Overall everything was ok, but ok is not enough and I did not perceive what happened to me.

I was lucky meeting my doctor, she told me on first sight: “you do not need any drugs, simply leave that company!”

This advice has changed my life

My body is a sensitive seismograph. He tells me exactly whether change is necessary or not. I had to learn to listen to my body and I have learned to take my decisions ALWAYS WITH HIM.
But it took a while to trust my intuition-seismograph.

15 years ago I was about to collaps. My very young children were fighting of boredom and one slept in the morning, the other late at night and I didn´t sleep at all. Without sleeping I convert into a Zombie and I was very close to mutate into a Zombie. My body and me, we both were fighting against a situation, I wasn´t even aware of.

Shortly before the full depletion of my battery, I got the advise to PERCEIVE MYSELF. I got this advise from a neighbour. One day I had asked her why she always seemed so happy and relaxed despite of her serious handicap. I hoped so bad, that she could help me in my situation.

She practised a personal ritual, a very simple one. Every morning she took herself time to reflect, only about 10 to 15 minutes.
From that moment on, I also took my 10 to 15 minutes to reflect about my situation and ask only a few questions. This habit had a profound effect on my life.

Every morning I ask myself:

  • Where are I´m standing?
  • What do I like?
  • What do I dislike?
  • What can I change?

At the beginning I couldn´t answer any of that questions and still sometimes there is complete emptiness in my head. But this habit has changed my life almost imperceptible. Quickly the silent 15 minutes in the morning became a necessity. This quarter of an hour reflecting acts like a directional reset to find MY WAY!

Start perceiving youself and your body NOW – TODAY! Start listening to your body. Take your time in the morning or at night and answer these questions. Your life will start to change practising this habit.

Magic happens to people who PERCEIVE!

  • Mark says:

    Wauw! Very inspiring! I’m also so glad that you are better now. Lots of good karma your way Christina!