Ceviche – the recipe of passion

A must try! It`s epic!
Can you remember the moment you knew exactly that something inside you had started vibrating? Those vibrations are real, I don`t feel them every day, but it happens.
Music, an item of clothing, a scent, or a night in an infamous club of course can make me vibrate/pulse.
I`m watching myself gooing through Vogue magazine.
How many photo pages does it contain, maybe 200?
I may think of the dripping faucet, the service light in my car that has been turned on for 6 months, and then boom – a black studded dress by Philipp Plein pops up and my boredom has vanished.

This is exactly what happened when I was sitting on the porch of Hotel Mestizo at lunchtime, still bleary-eyed from my 20hr flight and trip, and Juan served me his recommendation, a “Ceviche Jucateco” with an icecold beer.
It hit me on the first bite. Yeah, it`s “only” a dish, but how often do you discover a whole new favorite dish!
In “The Color Blue and a Passion” I have promised you the recipe, so here it is!
What`s a good occasion for serving Ceviche?
Ceviche goes perfectly with a hot summer`s night out on the porch with open minded friends and it works even better as a starter of a romantic dinner with your loved one! Ceviche is erotic!
However, a day after my return I had to make it to my fish trader`s in the middle of a blizzard on a Tuesday afternoon to prepare this wonderful Ceviche I am sharing with you today.
In my opinion, Ceviche almost always works. It`s epic! Give in to temptation!

What does it take to make Ceviche?

3 lemons and 3 limes (best to use both, enough juice to cover the fish entirely)
2-3 filets of firm saltwater fish, extremely fresh (sushi grade), I used cod and salmon. Trout is probably not your fish of choice here.
3 tomatoes on the vine, sweet, ripe, dark red
3 shallots or small onions
1 clove of garlic
1 fresh chili, finely chopped
1 bunch of cilantro
Salt and pepper to taste
some honeydew or mango for the exotic touch
olive oil (add in the end to prevent pores of the fish from closing)

Squeeze the oranges, lemons and limes and mix the juices with the chopped fish (1cm x 1cm cubes) in a flat dish. The fish should be just about covered in the juices.
Add salt and pepper and marinate for at least an hour in the fridge.
The juice cooks the fish, as the Mexicans call it. This makes the fish turn white.

Chop the chili, onion, garlic, cilantro and the fruit and add to the fish. Add salt and pepper to taste and refrigerate for another hour.
Add 2 shots of olive oil right before serving, adjust your seasonings, finished!
And don`t worry, the acidity of the citrus juices fades almost entirely. It is the sweetness of the fruit that balances out the sour flavors in this dish. I even gobbled up the juice even though I am usually not fond of lemon juice!
Enjoy!/Bon appétit!

Wine suggestion for Ceviche

Ceviche is a bestseller even in Rosenheim! It has been tested in combination with various wines in the “Vinothek Hacker” (Hacker Wine Store).
Here is Christine Hacker`s recommendation:
Sämling 88 (Scheurebe), Weingut Kollerhof aus der Südsteiermark. (from Austria)
Bursting with intense fruity mango and peach notes it is a pure delight to drink in the summer.
This wine takes lovers of bold and fruity wines by storm with its juvenile beauty.
Have you tried it? How did you like it? Please share your comments with us. We are always happy to hear from you!