15 Minutes to Follow Your Heart

Espresso am Morgen

Follow your heart – but how?

How does your day start?
The alarm goes off way too early, still sleep drunk you hit the “shut-up-button”.
You have 15 minutes until you hit the early morning traffic jam on the highway.
You are searching for the car keys with a coffee in your hands and at the same time trying to finish your make up. Sitting in the car you remember what you forgot while the moring show guy is torturing your ears with his annoying energy!


There is a different way to kick off the day, that will change the whole day.
Let´s envision together how it could be!
You set the alarm clock 15 minutes early. For the late risers it sounds cruel, but it´s still only a mental experiment. Imagine yourself sitting in the kitchen silence surrounding you. You have the time to eat a small slice of bread with jam and with the alarm clock you also switched off guy yelling in the radio.
You let your thoughts flow without purpose. You don´t have to solve tasks and problems, you don´t have to answer questions.
You just listen – you just listen to yourself.

What do you hear?

How does it feel?

Take yourself time – 15 minutes – ONLY FOR YOU!

A long time ago I made friend with a neighbour, named Martina. Do you know people, that radiate joy and peace from inside? She was one of that kind. She was suffering from a serious kidney desease and nevertheless always took care of other people. I just felt wonderful  being around her and talking to her. One day I asked her what the reason  for her inner joy and peace was.
Her answer was the first step to a fundamental change in my life.

She was practicing one habit, which I have since adopted.

I take my  time in the morning to reflect upon my life!

I ask myself if I am where I want to be.
I ask myself if there is anything I want to change and how can I do so.
I ask myself what I love about my life and what I don´t love.

And I ask myself if the people that surround me are good for me or not!

We are our habits!

Our habits shape our lifes. We can change our lifes by changing our habits.
We can only listen to our inner voice if there is silence. Since the day Martina told me about her habit, listening to my inner voice became my basic habit to start the day. I miss the silence, when I get out of the bed and breakfast table is already crowded.

Silence is a wonderful companion for the first 15 minutes of the day.

In his wonderful Stanford speech Steve Jobs encourages the students to follow their heart. He does not tell us HOW!
To follow our hearts we need the silence to listen.

If you want to follow your heart, get up 15 minutes early and listen to your inner voice.
Listen to you in silence and make it a habit.
My days become different since I started them off with listening.

If you make it a habit to listen to your heart in silence, YOU WILL FOLLOW YOUR HEART.

  • Mark says:

    15 minutes of mindfulness in the morning is a great idea.

    Even if you have kids and a lot to do in the morning, 15 minutes of alone-me-time can boost your energy level.

    Once again you are spot on Christina. Have a fantastic weekend! 🙂

    • Thank you, Mark, for your encouraging comments.
      Let´s reserve our 15 minutes alone-me-time for us everyday.
      After that the challenging day can come!
      Have a sunny weekend too, Mark!!! 🙂